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Are you one of those individuals who doesn’t lack motivation and is okay training by themselves but just needs a customized workout plan?

Whether you’re looking to lose fat, bulk up, tone, improve cardio endurance, increase strength, train for specific sports event, or recover from injury. A fitness plan can help you to get in shape.

The support journey includes


Step 1

Fitness Assessment

A fitness assessment provides an evaluation of your physical fitness. At the start of your fitness journey, your trainer will carry out an assessment which can include: blood pressure stats, body measurements, musculoskeletal flexibility, cardiorespiratory endurance, movement & performance. The gathered information will help your trainer to structure an integrated workout plan as well as set achievable monthly targets for you to accomplish.


Step 2

Workout Plan

A customized workout plan ranging from 4, 8, or 12 weeks can be designed for you to follow. Your trainer will set weekly fitness targets and give you guidance and support outside of your training sessions. Being more functional outside of your workout plan review will help you stay focused and active, which will lead you to achieve your fitness goals.


Step 3

Nutrition Advice

For faster fitness results, a good diet is essential. Your trainer will guide you on which foods to include in your meals to encourage healthy eating habits. A healthy, balanced diet is an important part of maintaining good physical and mental health, a strong immune system, healthy body weight, and energy to keep you active and invigorated.


Step 4

Buddy Training

Working with the guidance of your trainer every fortnight or once a month, you will be more accountable. Your trainer will review workout plan & amend or set new targets. Also your technique to be reviewed by trainer to ensure muscle efficiency; sessions will be much safer, progressive, more effective & fun. In addition, your trainer will provide all the support, guidance, knowledge, and encouragement you need to successfully reach your goals.


Step 5

Fitness Assessment Review

Every fortnight or monthly, your fitness journey will be reviewed by you & your trainer to track your progression. The fitness reviews can include: Blood pressure stats, body measurements, musculoskeletal flexibility, cardiorespiratory endurance, movement & performance. The latest results will be compared with previous results to highlight progression and amend or set new targets.


Step 6

Achievement Award

It gives us great pleasure when clients excel and achieve milestones on their fitness journey. By reaching your agreed personal fitness targets, Fitness Identity will reward you for your achievement with either complimentary session(s) or discounts off future purchases as an incentive. *Subject to terms and conditions*

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My Program

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